Kill me allready

I’m fat.

And my fat is killing me. Very slowly, but still. A doctor gave me a “diabetes warning” years ago. “If you don’t get your shit together, you have a 65% chance of getting diabetes”, he said.

I didn’t.

Get my shit together. I didn’t.

A couple of years later, another doctor tells me “your blood sugar is high. It’s 7. If you have OVER 7 on two separate tests, you have diabetes.” “I’m gonna start working out!”, I said, with a hint of panic in my voice. And sure I did. Not! Well, I was at the gym 4 times. It kind of died after that.

I have been in better shape. Much better actually. I was a fat kid that lost a lot of weight in my teens. About 50-55 pounds. I trained like a crazy person and had my diet in check for years. I made it work. I had discipline. Lots of it. Somewhere on the road I lost it, and now, I’m that fat kid again. But 47 years old. Now I’m scared of dying. I’m scared of leaving my kids way to early. I’ve got to get in shape.

I have GOT TO get in shape.

So, this is just another diet blog. Welcome!


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